Prohibition Era Bar + Kitchen in the heart of Southlake, TX.


In 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act, which established the prohibition of alcoholic drinks. What we’ve learned about the human spirit is that we are born to connect on a deeper level. Having a drink and a conversation has been the cornerstone of our human history. Even when the government tried to shut it down, we wouldn’t let them take away the booze or the relationships that we had formed.

Here at Volstead, we want to pay homage to that time in history. We’ve created a space for deeper connection and a place to let your hair down. But this time, it’s legal!

We can’t wait to connect with you. Cheers!

Classy, Private Club Vibe
With an "Exclusivity" Feel

At Volstead, we pride ourselves on curating an unparalleled dining experience tailored to individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Nestled in the heart of Southlake, our concept is designed to appeal to individuals with a sophisticated taste for exquisite cuisine and top-notch service. We understand your time is valuable, so we’ve meticulously crafted an ambiance that complements your refined lifestyle from daytime to late night. Our doors are open to those with a discerning palate and a thriving spirit.

Liquor Lockers

Step into the spirit of the Prohibition era at Volstead with your own personal liquor locker. Purchase your favorite liquors and store them securely, accessing your private collection to share and enjoy with friends, family, or clients whenever you visit. Ask about securing a locker on your next visit to enhance your time at Volstead.

Large Parties of 7+

At Volstead, we honor the spirit of connection that defied the Prohibition era. Whether it’s a gathering of friends or a larger assembly, we invite parties of 7 or more to join us in making history. Please book in advance to secure your spot, ensuring a seamless experience as you create memories over drinks and fun conversations.

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